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Who We Are

We are innovative travel and tourism company, with a unique focus on creating immersive safari and adventure experiences throughout Kenya and Eastern Africa. We pride ourselves on our deep local knowledge, commitment to sustainable tourism, and our ability to provide unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Our Mission

our tour company is to provide our clients with enriching and memorable travel experiences that go beyond mere sightseeing. We are dedicated to curating unique itineraries that showcase the essence and authentic beauty of each destination we visit. Our mission is to create connections between our clients and the places they explore, fostering cultural understanding, appreciation and respect.


When you book with us, our staff member will always be waiting for you at the arrival wearing green shirt and a black skirt or trouser written our company name. They will be holding a pager written your name on it. He or she will carry your luggage and guide you. For men you can look for a photo of a man in green shirt with black trouser

One World Tours is found,headed and manned by people with strong sense of commitment,professionalism and corporate intelligence sharing a passion in delivering exceptional tour and travel services for it’s clientele


Just pack and go! Leave your travel planning to the travel experts!

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